Computer science is a rapidly evolving field since the invention of the classic computer. The modern computer has become essential to our everyday lives. This is due to its application in different fields such as education, defense, communication and research. Most of the current advancements in different field such as AI have been associated with the rise of more powerful computers. The powerful computing sector has been a force of advancement and wealth around the world.

Understanding the field of computer science

Computer science is more than just programming, it involves some of the broadest research in software, communication, computing, data science and virtual reality. The technology sector has been booming in the past decades. This has led to new advancements in the field of computer science. Therefore the field has diversified enough to bring about a change in human society. It used to be that software engineering was the holy grail of computer science, however since 2006 there has been rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence. A rise in the spending in AI has led to a new computer science frontier.

Computer science field and research

There are various field in computer science nowadays, this can also be seen I the amount of research that is being conducted in the field. The idea that computer science is only about programming has been shuttered. Nowadays the field is broad. It involves most of the stuff that is not hardware in nature. Computer science nowadays is deeply involved in Artificial intelligence. Although this is a relatively new field, it is one of the most promising. However there are other fields of research such as virtual reality, gaming and data science. Machine learning is another field within computer science. With the advancement in the field maybe we will be able to give computers human like abilities.