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Software & hardware


How to choose the correct software for your business

Using the correct software that is a custom fit specifically to your business’s needs can majorly impact how smoothly and efficiently work is running in your workplace. But how do you choose the best software? How do you know what your business needs and what it...

Order your content through the shopify application

With the advent of the internet and the web, most businesses have moved to online platforms to market their services and get more clients. However, advertising and marketing their products online requires specific skills and quality content. As a matter of fact,...

Optimize Your French Content To improve Your Turnover

At Smart Web Group, we provide french copywriting services to ensure your content turns out to be the greatest. Being the most successful copywriting company in France, our company boasts of years of success in making unique content that will leave your target...

Search engine optimization

Over the past two decades search engine optimization has become the holy grail of online marketing. Many companies and businesses are trying to get a head start when it comes to search engines. This is because it’s the first place where people go when they want any...

Learning how to code

Coding has become an essential part of everyday life. Most people just live in the shadow of programmers but never know it. The term coding is the same as programming. It is the creation of computer programs. This is done by writing code in the language that a...

About the Mac OS

Mac OS is the second most used Computer Operating system after Microsoft’s Windows. Apple releases a new operating system every year. For better performance, stability and security of your computer you are advised to update it every year. Since most people are still...

Computer Science field

Computer science is a rapidly evolving field since the invention of the classic computer. The modern computer has become essential to our everyday lives. This is due to its application in different fields such as education, defense, communication and research. Most of...

How SEO can help you standout.

Whether you are running a  brick and mortar company or an ecommerce store, there is no denying the power of the internet in driving sales. This is due to the fact that nowadays when people want access to anything they first visit the internet. Whether its the best...