Over the past two decades search engine optimization has become the holy grail of online marketing. Many companies and businesses are trying to get a head start when it comes to search engines. This is because it’s the first place where people go when they want any information. Search engine optimization involves using certain techniques to rank high on search engines. The most popular search engine for this technique will be google. Google has by far become the leader in search engines. The search engine market has been dominated by google. However over the years YouTube, which is a subsidiary of Google has become the second most visited search engine.

Importance of Search engine optimization

If you want your site to be ranked on top of the search engine index you will have to consider optimizing it. It’s important to have a search engine optimized site in order to gain more page views. If you are an ecommerce site then having more visitors will definitely increase your sales. Search engine optimization also helps in separating the authoritative sites from the general sites. However the main focus should be getting visitors on your site. Especially if you consider that there are now more than 10 billion websites on the internet. It’s also said that search engines only reference 5% percent of the entire internet. However small that is it’s important to get your site on search engines.

Search Engine optimization techniques

There are quite a number of search engine optimization techniques that you can help you get your website to the top. However the most effective search engine technique has been proven to be effective. You should do a keyword research and use keywords that are searched by prospective clients or customers. Many companies are involved in the search engine optimization business around the world.